Papilio v0.9.0.4 Beta Update - Bugfixes and Improvements

Hello friends,

During the process of adding the new EX boss forms for stages 3-8 I ran across several major errors that needed to be addressed. The list of changes are as follows:

  • Removed an erroneous variable check that caused the game to crash when encountering the bosses of Stages 6 and 8 if the player has successfully unlocked and defeated the EX form of Stage 2's boss
  • Getting a Game Over, returning to the Title Screen from the Pause menu or finishing a game (whether in Training or any of the standard game modes) will now correctly reset the variables used for unlocking the secret EX boss forms
  • Collecting Weapon Switch pickups now grant +25 weapon power to make it easier to power up your shots
  • Removed smaller enemy explosion particles for better screen visibility

The above changes have also been committed to the Free Demo (v0.4.0.2).

Until next time, stay hyper my friends.


Papilio v0.9.0.4 47 MB
Apr 18, 2019
Papilio Free Demo v0.4.0.2 42 MB
Apr 18, 2019

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