Papilio v0.9.2.5 Beta Update - True Last Boss, Balance Adjustments and Bugfixes

Hello, my friends.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the latest version of Papilio, which is a major update to the game!


  • The True Last Boss can now be fought! Clearing the game without using any Continues will allow you to face the relic thief, now supercharged with extradimensional divine power and more than willing to engage you in a brutal fight to the death, in single combat. Are you ready to take her on and win against all odds?
  • A major balance pass to Dynamic Difficulty! Whereas the old system caused enemies to become more aggressive by firing faster shots more rapidly, the new system causes enemies to change their attack patterns depending on the current Rank level instead. In addition, both enemy attack patterns and shot trajectory randomization have been greatly reworked, (hopefully!) making avoidance easier.
  • Changes to weapon balancing! Certain player weapons (Ice Wisp + Green Powerup, Fire Wisp + Blue Powerup and Gale Wisp + Blue Powerup) have been strengthened and given extra mechanics to bring their damage output more in line with the other weapons.
  • "Standard" mode and "Rank Off" mode have been switched around. "Standard" now disables the Dynamic Difficulty altogether, while "Rank Off" is now "Dynamic" mode which incorporates the Rank system. This was chosen to allow newer players to ease themselves into the game.


  • The player characters will now be teleported back onto the screen if they happen to have been pushed out of the camera's viewport by a solid wall, and rendered invulnerable for a short period to allow player(s) to safely reposition themselves.
  • The Player 2 character object possessed uninitialized and erroneous variables which caused the game to crash; these have since been fixed.
  • The Stage 6 upper path background has been redrawn to keep it consistent with the background seen during the first portion of the level.
  • Certain enemy projectiles have been redrawn for better visibility.

Due to the changes made being sizable, it will take some time to reflect at least some of the applicable updates to the Demo version, but rest assured I will release a notification once this is done. As usual, please make sure to check out the download page!

Until next time, stay hyper my friends.


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Jun 09, 2019

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