Papilio v0.9.0.5 Beta Update - Bugfixes, Improvements and some additional content

Hello classy oldschoolers,

A hotfix with some minor content additions, bugfixes and rebalancing tweaks has been made to Papilio. The changes are as follows:

  • Fixed a fatal error in Stage 7 owing to a local enemy variable being mistakenly declared as an array
  • Adjusted the background elements in Stage 3's upper path for better foreground contrast
  • Tweaked certain enemy bullet sprites and animations for better visibility
  • Rebalanced the Stage 6 boss to have a more forgiving attack pattern during his first phase
  • Buffed the Fire Wisp's green powerup shot damage
  • Added some of the new enemies to Survival Mode's pattern randomizer

We are on the road to Papilio v0.9.5.0 which is projected to include the True Final Boss of the game, new music, changes to the dynamic difficulty system, EX bosses and maybe a little extra something if I can throw it in there. ;)

Until next time, stay hyper my friends.


Papilio v0.9.0.5 47 MB
Apr 22, 2019
Papilio Demo v0.4.0.3 42 MB
Apr 22, 2019

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