Papilio - v0.9.3.4 + Demo v0.4.2.9 minor hotfix

It has been brought to my attention that the previous version of Papilio was running at a mere 40 fps on modern computers. After some digging, it was determined that this was solely due to Game Maker Studio 1.4's lack of compatibility with the current version of Windows 10 and its updated sleep timer, which in turn slows down the game application. The current uploaded version attempts to fix this by adjusting the application's sleep margin which restores the game speed to 60 fps, but if the issue persists then I will need to use a different method.

Again, any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you to the customers who brought this issue up.

Files 47 MB
Jun 11, 2021
Papilio Demo 42 MB
Jun 11, 2021

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Thanks for this.  This version is running at a perfect 60 fps for me:

Win 10 x64, 3070, 5600x

Would love to have higher FPS limits supported in the future if possible.