Papilio v0.9.3.2 Full Version + v0.4.2.8 Demo hotfixes + changes; some announcements

Hello all,

A new version of Papilio has been uploaded with some minor balance changes for certain parts of the game, as well as bugfixes for several bosses and player actions. In addition, I have an announcement to make at the end of the changelog, so please keep reading.


  • Several bosses and minibosses were failing to time out correctly, causing the game to either soft-lock and prevent progression or crash the game entirely; this oversight has been addressed The list of bosses in question are: 
    • Stage 5 boss (game crash due to erroneous variable checks being called on timeout)
    • Stage 6 boss (failure to transition into the next level after timing out)
    • Stage 8 boss (same as above)
    • Stage 9 boss (same as above)
    • Stage 5 midbosses (level does not progress at all after timing out)
    • Stage 8 midboss 1 (same as above)
  • In addition, timeout behaviors were added for the following enemies:
    • Stage 6 second midbosses (both upper and lower path)
    • Stage 7 midboss
    • Stage 8 first midboss
    • True Last Boss
  • Killing the Stage 3 boss' snake and wolf turrets as soon as she spawns caused the game to crash due to the boss object failing to detect them during that particular phase. This has been remedied.
  • One of the Stage 8 boss attack patterns was erroneously referencing a nonexistent object, causing the game to crash. This oversight has been removed.
  • Dying while the Fire Wisp + Red powerup bomb (flame salamander) is active causes the game to crash due to the player object being removed, leading to the bomb instance failing to find a proper target coordinate. A workaround has been implemented to prevent this issue.
  • Defeating the True Last Boss failed to generate a final score tally due to the game not generating the end-of-level cinematic controller, causing the game to lock up. The controller has been added to the score tally screen upon completion of the TLB fight.
  • One of the small drone enemies continuously fired a near-unavoidable stream of large bullets at Rank 7 and above due to a timer miscalculation . This has been fixed.
  • The Gale Wisp has proven quite problematic with certain transition mechanics:
    • Holding down any of the two Fire buttons during an end-of-level transition to the score tally screen while possessing the Gale Wisp will cause the orbs to remain onscreen during score tally.
    • Related to this issue, holding down the fire button with the Gale Wisp as the player character is pushed out of the screen by an invisible wall will cause the orbs to remain at the location where they got stuck as long as the fire button is held.
    • Both issues have been resolved; however, as the coding for the Gale Wisp coordinates are variable, both wisps will be teleported on top of the player character's coordinates, causing them to be centered on the character. I will be looking into this issue more in the future to find a better solution.

Demo-exclusive changes:

  • The Player 2 character was referencing an uninitialized variable, causing the game to crash. This has been fixed.


  • Additional enemies were placed into certain areas in the following stages to increase the challenge level:
    • Stage 5 (the bottom of the shaft at the starting section)
    • Stage 6 (the start of the upper path)
    • Stage 8 (after the two red-colored rocket launching insects appear
  • The Stage 6 upper path midboss has received a difficulty overhaul due to how easy it was to kill.


Due to some real life concerns, I will be taking a short break this coming week to focus on some tasks, as well as to plan out my next few updates for Papilio. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, please feel free to send me an email regarding any bugs that you encounter and I will do my best to address them.

A big thank you to the tester(s) who helped uncover the above issues, and many thanks to those who supported me during the sale.

As always, stay hyper my friends.


Papilio v0.9.3.2 47 MB
Jun 29, 2019
Papilio Demo v0.4.2.8 42 MB
Jun 29, 2019

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