Papilio v0.9.3.1 Full Version + v0.4.2.8 Demo EMERGENCY HOTFIX

Hello oldschool friends.

It has been brought to my attention that there were several glitches in the game that proved fatal, either causing the application to crash or freeze. Below is the changelog for the emergency hotfix:

Major Fixes:

  • A pair of enemy objects were mistakenly referencing uninitialized variables while targeting the player character(s), thereby crashing the application. However this error did not immediately become apparent as it did not trigger uniformly for every user. The oversight has been discovered to have been present in several more enemy types, and it has now been addressed across the board.
  • The menu for rebinding keyboard and gamepad inputs was causing the game controls to lock up after choosing the "Reset All" option; this was due to a flag not being properly re-initialized after choosing to reset the controls to the default values. Said variable is now regularly initialized after choosing "Reset All" and no longer freezes the game controls.
  • Choosing to rebind the second player controller erroneously called a dummy object which had a missing variable call in one of its events, thus crashing the game, The option now properly calls the actual rebind controller instead of the dummy object, but the offending variable in the dummy has also been altered accordingly just in case.

Other minor fixes:

  • Both the Stage 8 "normal" final boss and the True Last Boss were erroneously generating the same background object being called by the Stage 2 boss on timeout. This call has been removed from both instances.
  • (Full Version Only) Reduced the particle trail effects for the red lock-on enemy projectile and the spiraling orb projectiles to better improve screen visibility, especially during the Stage 3 lower path EX boss, Stage 6 battleship/boss and Stage 8 boss.

Known Issues (please read!):

  • At Rank 7 and above, the brown-colored attack hornet in Stages 6 and 8 fire beams instead of projectile bursts; however it has been discovered that these beams are capable of drastically slowing down the game's performance especially on older computers. I am currently looking for a more efficient alternative to the beam's behavior.
  • The second player controller does not seem to be detected correctly at times, making it impossible to rebind. As I am also working on a means to correctly display controller button values on the rebind menu as opposed to their default Windows numerical designations, I will attempt to address this at the same time.

A big thank you to the testers who brought these issues and more to my attention. As always, please make sure to contact me immediately via email in case you have any complaints.

Stay hyper my friends.


Papilio v0.9.3.1 47 MB
Jun 25, 2019
Papilio Demo v0.4.2.8 42 MB
Jun 25, 2019

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