Papilio v0.9.3.0 emergency hotfix + v0.4.2.7 Demo hotfix

Hello my oldschool friends,

It recently came to my attention that there was a fatal error in the game that can manifest as early as Stage 3, so I uploaded a hotfixed version that includes some of the planned features for next week.

New Features

  • Stages 3 and 4 now have EX bosses! The method for unlocking them will be a mystery for now, but in case you aren't prepared for the ones in Stage 3 then make sure not to kill the midbosses too quickly. ;) (not yet available in the Demo version)

Changes and Bugfixes

  • MAJOR FIX: One of the smaller enemy types was referencing nonexistent variables during its attack phase, which caused the game to crash and exit. The errors have been resolved for both the paid full version and the free demo.
  • Fire Wisp + Red Powerup and Ice Wisp + Red Powerup both received minor increases in damage output for their frontal shots.
  • The second midboss of Stage 6 upper path has been rebalanced; it will now fire much slower bullets than before, making it easier to avoid its spread shots.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Until next time, stay hyper my friends.


Papilio v0.9.3.0 47 MB
Jun 22, 2019
Papilio Demo v0.4.2.7 42 MB
Jun 22, 2019

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