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DoomGals is a helper mod for classic Doom that allows you to summon up to four demon girls at any time to rip and tear by your side! Each girl has her own set of attacks and unique abilities that grant the player powerups, so choose which one you think would be best to help you finish a level...or summon all four for maximum carnage if you're up against a slaughtermap and need all the help you can get!

Apart from Doom I and II and their respective expansion packs, DoomGals is also highly compatible with both Heretic and Hexen, so bring ye fair maidens to do battle in yon times of legend!

Note: DoomGals requires GZDoom and a copy of either the Doom, Doom II, Heretic and/or Hexen IWADs in order to run. It may be possible to use FreeDoom, but the mod has not been tested with it.


You are given a set of four demon spirit orbs  in your inventory at the start of a map. Use the Previous/Next Item keys (default [ and ]) to choose between the orbs and the Activate Item key (default Enter) to summon a DoomGal corresponding to the color of the orb used, which will consume the item:

Iris  the Caco-chan (blue orb)

A spunky humanoid Cacodemon with an appetite for hoagies, Iris  can reach hard-to-hit enemies thanks to her power of flight and area-effect lightning attacks. She can also power up the player to temporarily double their attack and movement speed!

Cynthia the Imp (gold orb)

Not to be confused with a certain other female imp (ahem), Cynthia is an athletic fighter whose kicks can set enemies and the environment aflame. She can also temporarily increase the player's attack power thanks to her cheerleading skills!

Primrose, Ojou-sama of Hell (red orb)

A prim and proper demon princess, Primrose's close range fighting skills are nonetheless strong enough to send even the biggest enemies flying! She's also really good at baking and will occasionally share some cake with you to heal your wounds.

Amaryllis the Arachno-tan (green orb)

Spider Mastermom's favorite daughter and a hardcore gamer, Amaryllis is a young genius whose mobile gun platform can take down targets at extreme distances. It's also capable of processing its own ammo, which she will gladly share with you!

The DoomGal will automatically follow the player and even teleport next to them if they're too far away or out of sight, and will actively seek and target enemies in their vicinity. They can also provide powerups for the player after charging up their special abilities by attacking hostile targets.

Be warned, however: the girls are not invulnerable to either your attacks or the enemy's, and they will get temporarily knocked out if they take too much damage! Collect hoagies  from the environment and feed them to the girls to keep them in good shape. Should a DoomGal lose all of their HP, you must wait 120 seconds for them to respawn.

It is also possible to command each DoomGal to Stay and hold their position, or continue to Follow your movements by pressing the Use key (default E) next to them. They will still be able to attack enemies in Stay mode, allowing you to set them up near chokepoints to attack enemies from a safe position or prevent them from walking into traps and ambushes.

The DoomGals will also temporarily enter a ghost state when being commanded to Stay or Follow, allowing the player to pass through them and preventing players from getting trapped in tight corridors and dead ends.

Note that the girls cannot dodge projectiles or teleport to your location when in Stay mode. If the DoomGals were somehow left behind in a certain part of the map in Stay mode and thus unable to teleport to you, use the Mobile Phone  to summon them from afar and set them to Follow mode again.


  • Iris' Hyperspeed powerup will not affect certain modded weapons' fire rates. This could be due to issues with using offsets or Zscript.
  • The girls can and will sometimes get stuck on certain linedefs such as corners, stair/lift edges and certain depressed fake bridge platforms such as the ones in Ancient Aliens; this may occasionally cause short and narrow lifts to malfunction. Concessions were made to prevent this behavior, but the solution may not be 100% effective.


Substance20 - Concept, spritework, DECORATE coding grunt duty, trying to get ACS to do what he wants without making the computer crap itself

Skelegant - Troubleshooting, DECORATE code improvements, additional scripting for ACS/GLDEF and lots of advice

Batandy - Originally created the base non-animated sprites for both Caco-chan and Cynthia in Golden Souls 3

Melodica - For the monster actor teleport-to-player DECORATE script, and fixing the DoomGal spawner behavior

-=-=-=-=-= VOICE CREDITS =-=-=-=-=- 

- Ayumi Fujimura (Ibuki from Ultra Street Fighter IV; combat sfx) 
- Konomi Kohara (Chika from Kaguya-sama: Love is War; idle sfx)

- Fumiko Orikasa (Chun Li from Ultra Street Fighter IV)
- Ryō Hirohashi (Pandoria from Xenoblade Chronicles 2; exactly ONE idle sfx)

- Shino Shimoji (Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

- Misato Fukuen (Sakura from USFIV)
- Inori Minase (Kassandra from Xenoblade 2)

-=-=-=-=-= SPECIAL THANKS =-=-=-=-=- 

KinoFabino, Ultra64, Combine_Kegan, CaptainJ, Bimmy Bentangle, Mengo, al337spy, Suomimies5, NeuralStunner, Yholl, Untitled, MiMi, Sgt. Shivers, Scumhead, RottKing, Cardboard Marty, Nanka Kurashiki, Arborix, Mr. Icarus, Decino, everyone on the Blue Vertigo discord, id Software, Raven Software, Capcom, Monolith Soft, Aka Akasaka, Shueisha

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorCool Old Guy Games
TagsAnime, Doom, FPS, mod

Install instructions

How to run:

1) Get the latest version of GZDoom
2) You also need the IWADs of either of the following: The Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Heretic or Hexen (FreeDoom may also be used)
3) Drag the dg_helper_v1.wad file onto gzdoom.exe (along with any other mods you might want to use), select the IWAD to be used and enjoy! (alternatively, use a mod loader like ZDL or a batch file to make things easier)


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